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Immigration Services

Navigating the immigration process is essential for businesses and individuals seeking to establish a presence in Singapore. Comprehensive immigration services cover a wide range of visas and permits tailored to meet the needs of professionals, entrepreneurs, and their families. These services ensure smooth entry, stay, and integration into Singapore’s vibrant economy and society. Key immigration services include assistance with the following:

Details on Immigration Services

Employment Pass: For foreign professionals, managers, and executives with a job offer in Singapore.

S Pass: For mid-skilled technical staff meeting specific salary and qualifications criteria.

Work Permit: For semi-skilled foreign workers in the construction, manufacturing, marine, process, or services sectors.

EntrePass: For foreign entrepreneurs planning to start and operate a business in Singapore.

Personalised Employment Pass: For high-earning Employment Pass holders or overseas foreign professionals.

OnePass: For top talent across various industries, offering flexibility and long-term career development opportunities in Singapore.

Tech Pass: For highly skilled tech entrepreneurs, leaders, or technical experts looking to contribute to Singapore’s tech ecosystem.

Dependant’s Pass: For spouses and children of eligible Employment Pass or S Pass holders.

Letter of Consent: For eligible LTVP or Dependant’s Pass holders who wish to work in Singapore.

Long Term Visit Pass: For parents, common-law spouses, stepchildren, or handicapped children of eligible Employment Pass holders.

Permanent Resident: For individuals looking to make Singapore their permanent home and contribute to its economy.

Singapore Citizenship: For those seeking to become full-fledged citizens of Singapore.

Global Investor Programme: For investors interested in setting up business operations or making significant investments in Singapore.

How Fastcorp Can Help with Immigration Services

Partnering with Fastcorp ensures a smooth and efficient immigration process, allowing you to focus on your professional and personal goals in Singapore. Our expert team is dedicated to providing the support you need to successfully navigate Singapore’s immigration landscape. With Fastcorp’s comprehensive services, you can confidently manage your relocation and integration into Singapore’s vibrant community.

Fastcorp's Immigration Services

Application Assistance: Fastcorp helps you prepare and submit applications for various passes and permits, ensuring all requirements are met.

Employment Pass: We assist in applying for Employment Passes for professionals, ensuring that all eligibility criteria are fulfilled.

S Pass and Work Permit: Fastcorp manages applications for S Pass and Work Permits, navigating the specific salary and qualification requirements.

EntrePass: We support entrepreneurs in securing the EntrePass, helping them start and operate their business in Singapore.

Personalised Employment Pass and OnePass: Fastcorp assists high-earning professionals and top talent in obtaining these flexible, long-term passes.

Tech Pass: We help tech experts apply for the Tech Pass, enabling them to contribute to Singapore’s tech landscape.

Dependant’s Pass and Letter of Consent: Fastcorp facilitates applications for Dependant’s Passes and Letters of Consent, allowing family members to join and work in Singapore.

Long Term Visit Pass: We manage applications for the Long Term Visit Pass, ensuring family members can stay in Singapore.

Permanent Resident and Citizenship: Fastcorp guides applicants through the process of becoming a Permanent Resident or Singapore Citizen.

Global Investor Programme: We assist investors in applying for the Global Investor Programme, enabling significant investments and business operations in Singapore.

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